Therefore, I had to make a tough decision on the restaurant. Last year I allowed the restaurant to sit idle during the season, however, after processing all routes from selling or allowing another Chef to run the restaurant, I decided to close the restaurant as of February 24, 2013. I realized the time commitment for the Astros would not allow me anytime during the months of February through September or October, depending on playoffs.

It was a great 3 years @ Chef Rey’s! However, accepting the role with the Astros will allow me to have some “Me Time” and advance retirement for me. Most Importantly, I would like to personally thank everyone for your support of Chef Rey’s. I will be doing Only Private Dining going forward, the goal is to eirect my energy to the Astros and two personal projects I am currently working on. On a quick note, I was being interviewed today by the Art Institute of Houston about my life as a chef since graduating back in June of 2004. The interviewer wanted to know what makes me different from the next chef who has been in the industry twice the amount of time and has not been blessed with the same opportunities I have. My answer was “my personal expectations of Gods gift to me, cooking”! I truly believe when a person utilizes the gift given to them by God in a manner that glorifies him, he has an awesome way of blessing that person. Please check this website from time to time, it is currently being updated with changes. Also, please follow me with my blog, which will soon be posted… from the clubhouse kitchen of the Houston Astros.

I personally want to thank GOD, who serves as my counselor and friend,”I Love The Lord” second to God are my beautiful parents Hillup and Mary Lee Darthard for their smiles and love that has no doubts., my(5) brothers and (5)sisters because we are “Darthard’s”, with special thanks and RESPECT for my eldest sister Jane Tolbert and her husband Daniel for their unselfish time dedicated to our parents on the hour Daily 365, all my relatives. To Marilyn Darthard Jones, Anthony Wayne Bryant and Steve Tankersly who stood in the gap during the three years of Chef Rey’s. Much love to Al and Carmen Torres of Al Torres Photography what can I say, you were there in the beginning. Al has taken all of my food Photos and all of my head shots in the last ten years. I truly appreciate you and Carmen for the outreach of dedication of making my food and myself look flawless on paper all the respect and love. Of course, Ms. Charntae Bedford, the behind the scenes angel and the woman of God that can take information from the Chef and format like no other. Her Business “Taes Touch”, thanks a million Tae for laying out menus for all holidays and special events @ Chef Rey’s. Your spirit of electrifying support of Chef Rey’s journey will always hold a special place in my heart. Then, there is Viola Davis, aka Ms. Miki, the dear friend, who told me when she first met me at a catering event “You’re Going Places” for that continued rich love I will always appreciate. I saved my last thank you to a special couple. Mr. “T” Tracy McGrady and Mrs.” C” CleRenda McGrady for pouring the “Slab”, by allowing my time with u as your chef, the beginning of becoming “Chef Rey”. Which provided an overwhelming “Who is Chef Rey? Thank you for your examples of “To Whom Much is given, Much is Required”. May God continue to shine his bright light of love and hope on you and your beautiful family, love you! There are many customers I would like to thank and for those that I did not list, you as well are special to Chef Rey’s; The Hayes and special love for her mom, they were there every Sunday during my three years faithfully!, the Jackson’s, the Kings, the Campbells, the Beforts, the Latimars, the Leblancs, the Helm Sisters, Redmonds, The Kinloch, Trevin Thomas and family, Rafer Alston and family, Mike James and family, Dj Augustine and family, Chris Myers and family, Kirbyjon Caldwell and family, The LaSaints, Joyce Bethany and family, many more so Again,”Thank You” for so much Love and support.

Forever Grateful,
Chef Rey