Photo: Dylan Aguilar, Staff - coryright 2015 Houston Chronicle: Ken Hoffman A gourmand's menu made from McDonald's staples

McDonald’s Open Door Tour 07/28/15 Chef Event

I want to personally thank both you and Vicky for allowing me the opportunity to make my idea a reality now more than a year pass in June, 2014 when you took a chance and allowed me to introduce Chef Rey as our out of the box food chef creator for new and exciting dishes made only from McDonald’s food items.  And what a wonderful relationship it has been with Chef Rey.  He is a true ambassador for McDonald’s and has yet to disappoint with any of the dishes he has brought to life with our foods, demonstrating that our foods are good, wholesome and healthy-  the real deal – nothing fake about our food  at McDonald’s.


Circle of Life

We all have a “Circle of Life.”

So, what exactly do I mean by a “Circle of Life?” For me, “Circle of Life” is the truest form of meditation. Meaning, communicating with the spirit and soul within one’s self. It is a quiet space where I spend time to reflect, give thanks and appreciation for all the basic necessities of Life.


How much do you trust self? Throughout my life I grew up with the understanding that you must trust in God. It was a fundamental life skill that my parents would remind my five brothers and sisters of daily. My parents are a true testimony in the simplicity of trusting GOD.

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The National Pork Board Brings Healthy and Delicious Pork to BBQs Across America with Celebrity Chefs and Radio DJs


“Crash” cookouts to show African American consumers how easy it is to cook lean pork recipes on the grill this summer.

DES MOINES, Iowa (May 26, 2015) – Summer signals the start of the grilling season, and the National Pork Board (NPB) wants to encourage Americans to spice up this year’s grilling celebrations with the unexpected flavor of lean, heart-­healthy pork cuts. Incorporating healthier options into everyday occasions is important – especially for African Americans who disproportionally suffer from several heart disease categories such as high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol1.


I was having a conversation with a friend of 25 plus years about faith. He explained his definition of faith as being, “Changes in life.” Because the spirit and soul will never change, however, they do mature. Therefore, the recognition of knowing and having the awareness that there is something greater than you on outside, allows faith to mature within you.


I am a true believer that we are all placed here on this earth with a unique gift from God.

It was not until five years ago, that I took true notice of my “Gift of Cooking.”  I knew I loved cooking and interacting with my clients, however, I never really understood the Realm of this unique gift God had placed over my life, until one particular day when I prepared a grilled chicken breast for a client.